Dinosaur Fossil Program Photos & Reviews

                     Dinosaur and Fossil Hunt Party

Each year, we put on these dinosaur programs for thousands of children at schools, birthday parties,and summer camps. We get a great response from them!
‘Terry’ the T-rex and friends

Here are some comments from Mrs. Mori’s 2nd grade class:

“I was surprised when you had toy dinosaurs (models) and real bones. I’m glad I touched everything, and very glad you came.”     Keith Lovett

“Thank you for showing us how big is a full grown man to a Saltasaurus. I learned that a Mega Raptor has a huge claw that you won’t want to run up to it.”     Luis Juan Landeros

“I learned that I am smarter than a dinosaur because my brain is bigger than a dinosaur’s.”     Alexandra Sandoval

“Thank you for letting us touch a squished raptor head, dinosaur dung, a mega raptor claw, a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth that was bigger than a banana, a Spinosaurus tooth, and Triceratops’ horn.”     Dinosaur Lover, Erik Perez

“The things you showed me were very interesting, especially the dinosaur poop that fossilized.”     Sara Garcia

“I LOVED the way you showed us fossils, petrified wood, and toys (models)!”     Emily Bews

“You know what I will never forget that a trilobite was the first sea creature to have eyes.”

“Another thing that I enjoyed was when you told us to imagine that a half inch is one thousand years, and then you showed us how long one million years was and then you told us to imagine sixty-five and then two hundred.”     Polly Pierone

“I really enjoyed learning about how the smaller carnivores saw the dead long-necked heads and tried to run away with them.”     Sarah Rose Zelen

“Seeing that a Triceratops’ leg is the same height as an adult’s leg, that was weird for me.”     Valentin Avila

“I really like the skull of the Tyrannosaurus rex, it was cool.”     Raymond Rivera

“It was fun with you!…I remember a dinosaur that’s 40 pounds. I hope to see you again.”
Alyssa Escatin

“I liked to touch the fossilized egg and poop. I loved to see a Raptor’s skull. Last I love to take home a Genuine Shark Tooth fossil.”     Thomas Reader
Raptor SkullCoproliteDino Embryo
Velociraptor Skull Replica
Dino ClawsVertabraReptile
Raptor and T-rex Claws
Duckbill Vertabra
Dino-age Reptile Skeleton

Artist’s Rendering – Duckbill Embryo

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Dinosaur Parties
Dinosaur Romp

“Thank you for coming to our facility with your Polynesian Program & Dino Romp Program. We had a great time.”
The Kids Center, Sherman Oaks
T-rex Tooth
Giant T-rex Tooth

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