Dinosaur Dig Party & Fossil Hunt Program


Dinosaur Dig Fossil Party

We show you 100+ fascinating fossils, and you get to touch most of them! This program is best for 8 year olds through teens and adults, and they sift for Sharks Teeth Fossils to take home.


Dinosaur 7s & 8s Show

More Sophisticated than the Romp, this show adds 6 more Cool Fossils, plus an upgrade to sift for Sharks Teeth Fossils to keep! Geared for 7 – 8 year olds, but engaging enough for older kids & adults too.

T-rex Tooth

Dinosaur Romp Program

Romp and Stomp at this Prehistoric Party with Dinosaur Games and Educational Fun! Dinosaur entertainment for kids 3-7 years old,  and it concludes with a dig for a toy dinosaur egg.

Dr. Thesaurus & the Dino Hunters!

A fun active program loaded with Dinosaur theme games. The kids will have a ROAR-ing good time!


Dinosaur Romp

Romp and Stomp at this Prehistoric Party with Dinosaur Games and Educational Fun

trex-smallWith dinosaur activities, fossils, and models, kids get to See, Touch and Be Dinosaurs! The entertainer lets the children see and touch a bunch of dinosaur models and 10 cool fossils: 5 are actual teeth from these prehistoric creatures, and 5 are exact replicas of fossils of a dinosaur footprint, skin print, raptor egg, triceratops horn, and the biggest T-rex tooth ever found! Concludes with a dig for a toy dinosaur egg for each child, complete with 1″ baby dino. For up to 25 children, 4 to 7 years old. At a party, includes a gift for the birthBaby Apatosaurusday child. There is a shorter “Dino Romp Lite” version available for 3 year olds.
Romp: 50-60 minutes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $185
add ½ hr for Balloon Animals. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $60
Romp Lite + Balloons: 60 minutes total . . . .. . . .$185

 Dinosaur 7s and 8s

 More Sophisticated than the Romp + More Cool Fossils!

This program is more sophisticated than the Dino Romp, instead of romp and stomp, there are a couple of entertaining dinosaur games and even more cool fossils. The kids see and touch 6 extra fossils, including a real Dinosaur Bone and a T-Rex Claw, and the entertainer shows how scientists use deductive reasoning to make good guesses about what they find. The program concludes with each child sifting for a genuine Shark’s Tooth Fossil to take home! For up to 25 or 30 kids, 7 – 8 year olds (and maybe 6 yr olds), but engaging enough for older kids & adults too!

1 hour. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $220
add ½ hr for balloon animals. . . . . . $60

New! Dr. Thesaurus & his Dino-Mites!

Prehistoric Fun and Dinosaur Games

DR. THESAURUS & his DINO-MITES! for 1 hour: Dinosaur hunter Dr. Thesaurus needs new assistants for his latest Dinosaur Expedition. To be ready for any hunt, the kids are trained to be Dino-Mites with fun games and activities which teach them about all kinds of prehistoric beasts. Get ready for a ROAR-ing great time!  rw-dino party-2

1 hour. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $175
Additional 30 minutes – $60.

The Dino-Mites help Dr. Thesaurus find* the “fossils” to a T-Rex that was “buried” at this location centuries ago. This 3 foot high T-Rex model comes in 7 different pieces which the kids have to put back together. Great group activity that is also fun for photos!
*If time and space allows the pieces can be pre-hidden. Otherwise Dr. Thesaurus will produce the pieces as being recently excavated. ADD IN this special activity for  – $55.

Dinosaur PartiesDinosaur & Fossil Hunt Party

dino-kidExplore fossils from the dawn of life on this planet, through the time of the Mighty Dinosaurs! We’ll bring an assortment of fascinating fossils to your location!  Perfect for a dinosaur theme unit at schools, or a dinosaur birthday party. Help us dig up and identify some exciting specimens! We’ll show you more than 100 actual fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures including: Beautiful Ammonites & Trilobites Egg and Skin from Duck-billed Dinosaurs Bones from a dozen different dino-clawDinosaurs, etc. Dinosaur Teeth from Spinosaurus, Raptor, T-rex & Triceratops! And you’ll see some terrific Museum Replicas including: Spike from a Stegosaurus Velociraptor & Coelophysis Skulls Giant Claws from Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor & Megaraptor Plus: All the kids sift for and keep their own Sharks Teeth Fossils, 50 million years old! At a party, the Birthday Child gets a real Mosasaurus Tooth! For: Boys & Girls from 9 years to teens and adults shorter version for 8 year olds

Number of Participants: up to 20, or a larger set-up for up to 30 participantsDino Embryo
Program Length: about 60-75 minutes Price: $335 up to 20 participants
For up to 30 kids add $30 for extra fossils, and we need an adult to help us. Get a Spinosaurus Tooth, full Fish Fossil, or a Raptor Tooth for Birthday Child for $25!

Evolution of Life through Dinosaurs & Early Mammals

This specialized program covers all of the above, plus more fossils and greater detail showing evolution from first life on earth to mammals. Geared for ages 12 through adult.
1½ hours or so. . . . . . . $385 for up to 30 participants