List of Carnival Games

***These games are rented as part of our Vinyl Carnival Booth Packages and are included in the package price.***
Some games require a table*.
*Tic-Tac-Toe – This standard game is well-liked by young and old. The player throws three bean bags into the red and white tic-tac-toe box. Three in a row wins. Moderate to difficult.

Milk Can Toss – An old-time favorite, the player tosses several wiffle balls into a large blue milk can. The number of balls in the can determines the score. Two large milk cans are set up, so two people can play at once. Moderate.

*7/11 and *6 Ball Roll-Down – Two of our most popular games, because anyone can play and win. The player rolls three or six balls down into numbered slots. Add up results to determine win. Winning can be adjusted from easy to difficult.

*Baseball Throw also known as “Milk Bottle Toss”– The traditional midway game where the player throws softballs or bean bags at stacked metal milk bottles, trying to knock them all down. Difficult.

*Bottle Ring – In this popular game, the player tosses several rings to get them around the soda bottles. Can be adjusted for all ages with the number of rings to toss. Moderate to difficult.

Stand the Bottle – A challenging game! The bottle lies on its side on a wood base. With a ring dangling from a pole, the player rings the neck of the bottle and tries to stand it up without knocking it off the wood. Two may play at once. Difficult.

Football Toss – A carnival favorite, the player tosses footballs through a holes in the target board. Easy to difficult.

*Bowling-Puck– This bowling lane uses a puck, but it still takes skill! Each player gets three  tries to tip over 3, 4 or 5 pins. Younger players get additional tries. Moderate.

*Dip Bowling – This game is challenging. Players roll a bowling ball down an alley, and avoid getting it stuck in the dipped center. Get the ball to the end to win! Moderate to difficult.

*Dart Balloon Game – In this well-known game, the player throws darts at a board full of balloons, winning with each balloon hit, or according to the marking underneath a burst balloon. Easy to moderate. (Plan for an extra person to inflate balloons all day, and very long events may cost extra for additional bags of balloons.)

Basketball – This basketball game is designed with low hoops so that children of all ages can play. A win depends on the number of baskets scored. Easy to Moderate.

Putt-Putt Golf – The player is required to putt a hole in one from about ten feet away along a carpeted path and up an inclined plate into a cup. No golfing enthusiast can pass this one up, and kids are fascinated by this variation on miniature golf! Moderate.

*Knock Down Boards – Player pitch bean bags to knock over all the boards. Moderate.

There are more than 30 games available for
Vinyl or Wooden Booths, please call for a current list!



These larger Sports Games are rented separately, and do not go in carnival booths.
They stand on their own at events, and are great for bigger kids or adults.

Inflatable Football – This attractive inflate is a giant 10’x15′ helmet that stands about 12′ tall.

Inflatable Basketball – This colorful inflate is about 14′ tall, and has 2 hoops so 2 people play simultaneously, with the inflated lane rolling the ball back to you.

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List effective Fall 2013, subject to change.
Subject to availability, mileage charges may apply.