Murder Mystery

“There is no cause for alarm.
We didn’t want to spoil your dinner, but there’s been a murder.”

So begins the climax of our Murder Mystery evenings. Whether or not the murder is a surprise, the mystery is fun and intriguing! We customize the story to fit the theme and the crowd. Our five actors play the six main characters, and several of your guests can also play roles. Our performance lasts about 2 to 2 1/2 hours, and generally runs through dinner.
We like to incorporate information about your group or company, and can even do a roast of certain key people! Clues are dropped throughout the evening before and after the murder is discovered. Then everyone gets to be a sleuth as they interrogate the suspects to discover “whodunit” in the baffling murder of one of the guests!

A fun way to conclude the evening is with a contest. We can bring some little trophies for the winners, or you can provide gifts, or both. Investigation sheets are distributed to individuals or tables, and everyone writes down their guesses. Amusing hypotheses are read aloud, and then we announce the first place winner–the World’s Greatest Detective!

Here are a few of our story lines – there are others available:

Who Liquidated Frosty?

A sillier, Christmas murder mystery, straight from the North Pole to your party. When Frosty gets liquidated, Santa himself is suspect, as well as Mrs. Claus and a couple of Elves! Watch this scenario snowball into a fun-filled evening!

Dreadful Sorry, Sally-May!

The mine’s gone bust and the town’s in trouble. Then Sally-May and her band of roving singers come to town with a secret formula to revive the mine. Will the Sheriff get to the bottom of this? Will the town be saved? Will Fanny-May ever find her marbles?
“Oh my Darlin’, oh my Darlin’, oh my Darlin’ Sally-May
You are lost and gone forever, Dreadful sorry, Sally-May!”

It’s Her Party and She’ll Die If She Wants To!

A 1950’s murder mystery, featuring Rock & Roll legends like Buddy Holly and Elvis!
Trying to get a record deal from your guests the record producers, these up and coming stars rock you and woo you. This show will climb the charts!

Murder Mystery
2 to 3 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1050 – $1500 and up