Animal Shows & Rides

Want to party with the animals? From Alpacas to Zebras, we’ve got them!

Ponies and Petting Zoos are always popular. In addition to the traditional farm animals like sheep, chickens, and goats, some of our zoos include exotic animals like Alpacas, Tortoises, and a Miniature Donkey or Miniature Horse.

With our Exotic Animal Programs, we come to you with an engaging assortment of unusual and incredible animals, like a hedgehog, a python, tropical birds, hawks, an alligator, an owl, and a sloth! Our wonderful exotic animal presentations are educational and entertaining, and inspire children to learn about the natural world. We offer Rainforest Programs, Southern California Natives, cute little Pocket Mammals, and Bio-Diversity Programs, each with different creatures, plus terrific and affordable Reptile Shows. Some of the animals are even touchable!

We have Donkeys for theme parties, Nativity scenes, or rides. If you want to ride something more exotic, how about a Camel? And we have a wide assortment of unusual animals and movie animals, like an Ostrich, Pink Flamingos, a Zebra, Capuchin Monkeys, or a Giraffe!

Ponies & Petting Zoos

Animals Shows

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