Circus Acrobat Show

Circus Acrobat Show

Hire a Circus Acrobat Show

We have acrobatic duos and several different troupes of circus performers, offering everything from Cirque du Soleil style chiffons, to dynamic, high energy displays, including never seen before feats! Some circus dance routines are graceful, and all the acrobats demonstrate incredible strength and agility as they appear to defy gravity!

You can hire a Circus Acrobat Show starting as small as just one Acrobat/Contortionist doing a 5-7 minute routine with hand-balancing and contortions, to mid-sized 2-3 Acrobat Shows, to a longer show with 4 or more Acrobats. If you book 4 Acrobats, the performance runs 25-30 minutes, and includes a ground show, and both 1 pole and 17′ high aerial work! Our 4 and 5-person circus shows can feature aerial apparatus, like Aerial Ribbon and Aerial Hoop, as well as high-energy Tumbling and Hand-Balancing, Contortions, and an assortment of exciting Human Pyramids & pitches! Fun & unique! Call for quote.

motorcycle2We have many other Circus Shows available, like our popular Circus Juggling Show, and lots of other shows, from a small Tight Rope Walking act, to a full 3 Ring Circus, complete with an MC and big shows like a Motorcycle on a High Wire.
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Hire Acrobats for Atmosphere

You can also hire an Acrobatic Exhibition to add the circus atmosphere to any event. A lovely female acrobat performs a beautifully choreographed exhibition of strength and flexibility, in a variety of poses, while suspended in a hoop from a portable tripod rig. Performance schedule is typically 30 minutes on with 15 minute breaks, for 2 hours total. Tripod is 18′ high, can be adjusted shorter for lower ceilings. Call for quote.


acrobat in a floating ballHire a Sphere Contortionist

A lovely female contortionist performs beautifully choreographed flexibility tricks and poses while inside a 7 foot diameter crystal clear sphere.  This artistic and amazing performance can be done on land, or the ball can float on a pool or in a fountain. This is an exclusive act, performed only by this acrobat troupe. The performer does 15 minutes sets, with 15 minute breaks between each set, so if you want someone always in the ball, you would need to hire a second contortionist. Call for quote.


mermaids on floating stage platform

Acrobatic or Floating  Mermaid

Yes, you can hire your very own Mermaid, or several Mermaids, to add a unique and exotic touch to your event! They can float in a sphere on your pool or small pond, or in a fountain. If you don’t want them floating in a ball, we also have a floating platform they can use as a stage to perform. And if you don’t have a body of water nearby, a mermaid or two do their performance while floating in mid-air!



Mermaid Acrobat in the Airaa-acrobatmermaidaa-floatingmermaids