List of Carnival Games

***These games are rented as part of our Vinyl Carnival Booth Packages and are included in the package price.***
Some games require a table*.
4 IN A ROW *(hard) –  Roll 4 balls a ramp into a tray of holes to get all 4 in a line to win.
7-ELEVEN* (med-hard) – Toss 2 wiffle balls into numbered holes, add up to 7 or 11 to win.
BASKETBALL (medium) – Three tries. Number of baskets determines win. 2 Players.
BOTTLE RING* (med-hard) – Toss 3-7 rings over bottles. 1 or more ringed wins. 2 Players
Available as Large Green Bottles or Smaller Coke Bottle in Crates
CAN SMASH* (medium) – Three bean bags to knock down pyramid of cans.
DART BALLOONS* (medium) – 3 darts to pop balloons. 10 doz, needs staff inflating.
DIP BOWLING* (medium hard) – Roll a heavy ball down a lane, get it to stay in the dip to win.
FISH BOWL (medium) – 3-5 tries to get ball into a bowl. Does not include fish.

TINY GOLF (medium) – Use a putter with 2 tries to make a hole in one!
KNOCK DOWN BOARDS* (medium) – Pitch bean bags to knock over all the blocks.
MATCH COLOR* (medium) – Toss balls into box with colored holes, match color to win.
MILK BOTTLE BASEBALL THROW (medium) – Throw 3 balls to knock 5 bottles off platform. Knock them over, not off, for an easier win.
MILK CAN TOSS (easy) – Toss 2 softballs into a milk can, 1 or 2 in to win. 2 Players.
PINBALL ROLL* (easy to medium) – Roll 4 balls into slots, get 2 in same slot to win.
PLINKO GAME* (med) – Drop 4 pucks down peg-filled board, get in 1 matching spot to win.
SKY BRIDGE/Labyrinth* (med-hard) – Guide ball on curvy bridge, keep it from falling off to win.
SQUIGGLY WIRE* (hard) – 1-3 tries to move a ring along a wire maze without touching it.
STAND-IT (hard) – Using a pole with a ring, try to stand the bottle on the board to win.
Available as Deluxe Tabletop* version or On-the-Ground 3-player version
TIC TAC TOE* (medium) – Toss 3 balls, 3 in a row win. Red squares=harder win.

TIP THE CLOWN* (medium) – Toss 3 bean bags at 3 clowns, knocking down 2 is a win.
* Game needs table.

There are more than 30 games available for
Vinyl or Wooden Booths, please call for a current list!


These larger Sports Games are rented separately, and do not go in carnival booths.
They stand on their own at events, and are great for bigger kids or adults.

INFLATABLE SOCCER with NO Attendant for 5 hours. Needs 1 circuit of 20 amps within 100′. 10’w x 15′ deep.

For prices, see Carnival Games & Rides

List effective Fall 2013, subject to change.
Subject to availability, mileage charges may apply.