Hors d’oeuvres

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food-grilledskewers   Since 1983, our Chef Michael has fed the Corporate and Television worlds, and over 500 concert artists from Garth Brooks & Tony Bennett to The Who.
He adds his epicurean touch to everything from company picnics in the park, to grand holiday extravaganzas, to The Grammy Awards!


Other choices are available. If you want something special, just ask!
Most appetizers may be passed, some we recommend at a station.
We recommend 2-4 appetizers before a meal, 8-12 selections for an Hors d’oeuvres only event.

Vegetables/ Vegetarian
1. Smoke gouda & roasted pepper quesadillas ~ topped with a mango salsa
2. Crostini ~ with smoked salmon & goat cheese
3. Caponata Bruschetta ~ Italian eggplant salad topped with shaved Romano
4. Phyllo triangles ~ filled with spinach & feta wrapped in pastry
5. Bruschetta mozzarella ~ melted mozzarella topped with a seasoned Roma tomato slice and sprinkled with shaved Asiago grated cheese
6. California rolls ~ Sushi
7. Miniature stuffed grape leaves ~ Vegan
8. Roasted bell pepper hummus ~ on cucumber chips
9. Roasted garlic hummus ~ in a bread bowl with pita wedges
10. Honeydew wrapped with Prosciutto
11. Baked brie in a puffed pastry ~ topped with fresh raspberries, with baguette slices (station)
12. Baked caramelized onion brie ~ stuffed with a mix of caramelized onions and topped with sautéed Chardonnay mushroom (station)
13. Grilled mini roasted vegetables ~ with crusty olive oil breads & garlic whipped butter (station)
14. Bruschetta Tapenade ~ olive Tapenade on seasoned crusty bread
15. Mini quiches
16. Crudités arrangements ~ with a variety of creative dips
17. Grilled Indian bread mini pizzas ~ topped with sautéed Portobello mushrooms, Fontana cheese and fresh basil with dice Roma tomatoes
18. Grilled eggplant Arugula rolls ~ stuffed with roasted red peppers
19. Caponata Crostini – eggplant salad topped on a seasoned crusty bread
20. Vietnamese spring rolls ~ wrapped in rice paper with a tamarind ginger dip
21. Steamed Vegan Shu Mai ~ served with a ginger soy dip

1. Mini crab cakes ~ topped with a cayenne aioli or mango salsa
2. Grilled spicy shrimp ~ with a cilantro yogurt dipping sauce
3. Shrimp crab cakes ~ topped with a papaya salsa
4. Stuffed Caponata rolls ~ with sautéed shrimp scampi and melted mozzarella cheese in a light Pomodoro basil sauce
5. Bacon wrapped scallops
6. Rosemary shrimp scampi skewers ~ shrimp is skewered on fresh rosemary branches with garlic and grilled with our house marinade
7. Garlic shrimp tacos ~ topped with an orange-cilantro salsa in a soft tortilla
8. Caviar puffed pastry starts ~ a buttery pastry topped with caviar
9. Swordfish-Ahi Tuna brochettes ~ skewers with a teriyaki pineapple sauce
10. Shrimp quesadillas ~ topped with a tropical lime salsa
11. Stuffed pastry with shiitake mushroom & crab ~ Mushrooms are saut̩ed with butter, fresh herbs and Chardonnay Рrolled into a buttery light pastry
12. Large shrimp cocktail ~ with fresh lemons and cocktail sauce

1. Grilled Chicken Skewers ~ served with a Thai tangy soy dipping sauce
2. Sesame Ginger Skewers ~ served with a ginger soy dipping sauce
3. Shu Mai ~ steamed or pan fried with a ginger soy dip
4. Honey lime grilled Chicken Wings ~ with fresh lime & herbs
5. Chicken Pot Stickers ~ served with a tangy ginger soy dip
6. Grilled Chicken & roasted pepper Quesadillas ~ with gourmet cheeses
7. Mini Chicken Chimichanga ~ served with a salsa Verde
8. Tropical grilled chicken wings ~ with a honey glaze
9. Epicurean hot buffalo wings ~ with a southern spicy garlic sauce
10. Mini chicken basil cakes ~ topped with melted gouda
11. Skewered tri-color cheese tortellini ~ with an Asiago cream sauce
12. Taco Bar with all the toppings ~ chicken, beef or shrimp- station set
13. Mediterranean chicken pinwheels ~ A tarragon chicken salad is rolled in Lavosh breads with Arugula and our house mayonnaise spread
14. Chicken-duck sausage pizza wedges ~ with Fontana & mozzarella cheese
15. Chicken mini fingers ~ seasoned and fried with 3 side dips

Beef – Pork – Lamb
1. Grilled beef skewers ~ served with a Thai peanut dipping sauce
2. Mini grilled beef tenderloin ~ sandwiches, sliced thin and topped with a whipped cream horseradish mayonnaise on a sweet roll
3. Grilled mini Lamb skewers ~ with fresh rosemary & a yogurt dip
4. Grilled baby back ribs ~ served 2-portion rib size
5. Pork Shu Mai ~ steamed or pan fried with a ginger soy dip
6. Mini beef meatballs ~ in a Jack Daniel’s sauce
7. Skewered Italian grilled sausage & peppers ~ (chicken-optional)
8. Asian pearl balls ~ mini pork balls seasoned with ginger & rolled in rice, served with a garlic soy dip
9. Spicy lamb mini meatballs ~ served with a rosemary bourbon brown sauce
10. Prosciutto wrapped asparagus ~
11. Asparagus wrapped in pastry ~ with Prosciutto & baked
12. Antipasto arrangement ~ stationed only
13. Stuffed Italian wedges, hand rolled Italian bread layered with sliced Ham, Salami and Provolone with fresh herbs ~ brushed with our house dressing
14. Baked mushroom caps ~ with Italian sausage ( chicken or beef )

Specialty Appetizer Stations

Epicurean Seafood favorites
A beautiful presentation of; Jumbo Shrimp cocktail, Alaskan Crab Claws & Legs, Slipper Lobster tails with a side of clarified butter, and a white wine poached Salmon Fillet center displayed with side condiments.

Grand Seafood Bar
An elegant presentation of our seafood favorites plus a full oyster bar with clams and hot clams casino prepared by our uniformed chef. Inquire for your custom Grand Bar.

Sushi may be ordered by the individual selection or by variety. A sushi bar is available for a beautiful presentation with Sushi being made before you by our Sushi chefs. Please inquire for additional information.


Please call for a custom quote.

Prices effective Spring 2015, subject to change.
Subject to availability, mileage charges may apply.