Indoor Entertainment – Games & Attractions that Go Inside

Planning an event in a banquet hall, airport hanger, or other large space? Or do you suddenly need to move your party to an indoor venue? Of course all of our shows and entertainers can go inside, but depending on the space, a lot of equipment can be taken inside as well. This is just a sample, call our office for more ideas!

Carnival Booths & Games that can Go Inside

Carnival Booths and Games can be walked inside, and a smaller High Striker can be rolled in as well, as long as we can drive it close to doors of the room.

A dunk tank cannot go inside, but the Royal Flush Tank can sometimes go indoors because the water is contained in the unit, and does not splash out. However, the guests will exit the unit dripping wet, so be prepared for some water in that area. Again, the unit will need to be driven to just outside the door, and then rolled in.

Carnival Rides that can Go Inside

The My Little Race Cars ride can be walked into a location, as well as the My Little Choo-Choo Train. They can operate on carpet or tile, but are not safe to put on wood floors or marble because they may scratch the surface.

If the room or area has large doors, we may be able to push or roll in some of the other smaller carnival rides. If the room has ceilings of 30-40′ and a large roll-up door, we may be able to drive in a Trailer Game, or a couple of rides that can even hold adults, like the 25′ Ferris Wheel, the Wizzer, or the Tubs of Fun, or some of the smaller major rides.

Other Games & Attractions that can Go Inside

Arcade Games and Video Games are perfect for indoor parties, with a whole bunch of options like Dance Dance Revolution, Sports Games, Shooter Games, and Driving & Racing Games, plus all the popular favorites, like Pinball Games, Skeeball, Pool Tables, Ping Pong Tables, Foosball and Air Hockey.

Casino Games are always a fun indoor option for adults. We have a wide selection of Casino Tables and dealers for you.

Most of the inflatables can be hand-carted into a facility on a dolly, but some of heavier items may need to be driven to just outside the doors. The ceiling is the main limitation for bringing inflatable attractions inside, as many of them are 12′ or 16′ high. Of course the slides are much taller.

Don’t forget about Photo Booths. They are great fun at any party, indoors or out.