Major Amusement Ride Rentals

ferriswheel-dusk(2)Portable Amusement Rides Come to You

We have a great assortment of big Carnival Rides & Amusements that can come to your location for a picnic, party, fundraiser, festival or event. The rides are portable and can be driven on any full-size street, but cannot manage very narrow canyon roads or sharp turns, and may be too heavy for some decorative driveways. The rides can be set up on grass, hard-packed dirt, asphalt, or cement (ideal), as long as we have drivable access.

Major Carnival Amusement Rides typically run $2000-8000 for 5-10 hours, we offer discounts for multiple major rides booked in a package. We offer discounts on additional days for individual rides and packages, usually about half price. Additional fees for generators ($100-675) and delivery may be needed, depending on the location and attraction.

Fiberglass Slides

Our Giant Fiberglass Slides are 3 lanes long and range from 60 feet to 100 feet long, and up to 40′ tall! Prices range from $2000&up for the 60′ ones and $3400&up for the 100′ ones. Delivery fees may be needed depending on location.

Ferris Wheels

Our standard adult Ferris Wheels range from 25 feet to 50 feet tall, and our Giant Ferris Wheels are 75′ tall. They typically run between $2000-7000 for the ones between 25-50 feet, and the Giant 75′ ones cost $14,000 and up. Generators or power will be needed for operation and/or lights. All of them have some type of lights on them, call for options regarding custom light packages. Delivery fees may be needed depending on location.

Thrill Rides or “Scary” Carnival Rides

How thrilling do you want? We’ve got all the best carnival rides to scare you! Try the Zipper, Gravitron, Round-up, Tornado, Kamikaze, Tilt O’ Whirl, Scrambler, Sizzler, Rock O’Plane, Cliff Hanger, Hammerhead or Loop O’ Plane, Octopus or Zero Gravity Ride.

Classic Carnival Rides for Families

The most famous carnival rides for families are the Ferris Wheel and all the varieties of Swing Chair Rides, but there are lots of others like Himalayan Rides, spinning Cups or Tubs Rides, and of course the ever-popular Fiberglass Slide.

Antique or Vintage Carnival Rides

The Ferris Wheel is of course the oldest official antique carnival ride, having first opened to the public in 1893. Other vintage rides are the Bumper Cars, Carousels & Merry-Go-Rounds, Bumper Boats, and the Fun Houses.