School & Summer Camp Ideas

Summer Camp Theme Entertainment

Whether you are planning summer themes for preschool or elementary school kids and older, we’ve got the entertainment for you! Our program themes run from Dinosaurs to Luau Dancers, from Circus to Safety, from Pirates to the Old West, and from Rainforest to Rock ‘N Roll!

Activities for Summer Camps

If you want something more active than an entertainer or a show for your campers, we’ve got a bunch of Cartoon Drawing classes, Juggling or Magic Workshops, Pony Rides and Petting Zoos, plus some great weekday deals on Carnival Rides and Inflatable Water Attractions!

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Weekday Specials, plus
Book any act, then Save $15 off each additional one!

Theme Characters – All of our wonderful characters have themed games and activities, then add hand stamps, balloon animals, or face painting if there’s time, and maybe a little bit of magic!
Cowboy or Cowgirl, Astronaut or Space Ranger, Yankee Doodle Girl or Boy (4th of July),
Mermaid, and Pirates (also see Polynesian & Pirate programs on page 4)
Preschool to 6th Grade 1 hour program OR two 25 min programs $175-185

Silly Clowns – Available with or without full make-up, our clowns can play games, do magic, then
add hand stamps, balloon animals, or face painting if there’s time, and create general merriment!
Preschool to 6th Grade 1 hour program OR two 25 min programs $160-$175

Puppet Shows with small portable stage – Lots of new themes each year. In these fun-filled puppet shows, an assortment of silly creatures and cute characters talk to the children, enlisting their help and making them laugh and squeal! If you don’t see your theme, call–we often customize shows. Themes: Olympics, Mystery, Superhero, Pirate, Outer Space, Friendship, Holidays, Fairytales.
Preschool to 1st Grade 30 min Hand Puppet Show $225 & up

NEW! Marionettes – Our puppeteer will charm you as these beautiful hand-crafted marionettes come to life! With professional music and staging, each live performance brings the sophisticated fun and magic of puppets to children and adults alike. Many different themed shows to choose from!
Preschool to adult 30 minute show $475

Cartoon Class for Kids – Fifteen different workshops are now available, all featuring warm-up & imagination exercises, as well as step-by-step drawing techniques. The kids are left with a positive feeling that they too can draw! “A very lively, fun, positive hands-on art experience.”
For groups of 25-100 kids/class.
Our basic Cartoon Class Under the Seas Cartoon Class
Classic Cartoons Class Safari Cartoon Class
Imagination Cartoon Class Knights & Dragons Cartoon Class
Pirates Cartoon Class Mo Willems Style Cartoon Class
Wimpy Kid Cartoon Class Captain ‘Underwear’ Cartoon Class
Spooky Cartoon Class Super Hero Cartoon Class
NEW! Disney Cartoon Class World of Cartoons
NEW! Anime & Circus Cartoon Class
K to 6th Grade, Teens 1 hour workshop (2 hrs for 2 groups. . .$695) $395

NEW! Yoga Littles – This workshop has music, balance activities, a yoga-themed adventure, animal poses, and traditional yoga poses geared especially for children. Younger kids get more playtime and older kids get more yoga. Kids love to learn how to release stress when they feel mad, sad, or bad.
For 15-20 kids at a time, includes mats & blocks. Available Mon, Tues, or Thurs. Themes:
Under the Sea, Beach, Treasure Island, Superhero, Jungle Safari, Outer Space, Bird, Holidays
Preschool, 1st – 6th, teens 30- 40 minute program (up to 2 groups/hr) $245
additional hours +175

NEW! Building Party
We bring 10,000 bricks to help kids of all ages build whatever is on their creative minds. We provide large play-mats and/or customized tables. One or 2 customized racing ramps complete the fun for hours of entertainment. Fun for up to 40 kids per session, ages 3 and up.
Ages 3-5, 5 & up 1 hour program OR two 25 min programs . $305

Bubbles Funtastic – A fun and educational program for kids of all ages, showing the magic, art and science of bubble-making! If there are 40 or less participants, each gets a turn in a bubble. This program is not messy, it’s very clean, and it Must Be INDOORS or in a 3-sided tent. 45 min program
Preschool to Teens Up to 40 participants $335-440
additional program, same day +240
Assembly for 41-300 kids $475
additional assembly, same day +340
add 30 min bubble play (outdoors) +85

Just for Bigger Kids

NEW! Harry Potter and the Trivia Tournament – Calling All Witches And Wizards!
You have been summoned to Hogwarts, where the Tri-Trivia Tournament is about to begin.
After the Sorting Hat puts you into House teams, each House competes in up to 3 group challenges that will test your knowledge in all things Harry Potter. It’s all fun, no expert knowledge needed.
The winning House has a chance to win 2 gift cards by raffle!
Ages 8-12, teens 45-60 minutes, depending on age of kids $260

NEW! Star Wars Force Fun Challenge Games – The Galaxy Is In Turmoil!
The Jedi and Sith are battling for galactic victory. Each side must work together to outsmart and defeat the other in up to 3 group challenges. The fate of the galaxy is in your hands! The winning team has a chance to win 2 gift cards by raffle.
Ages 8-12, teens 45-60 minutes depending on age of kids $260

Dinosaur & Ice Age Fossils

Dinosaur Romp (limited availability) – Our popular program of dinosaur games & activities. The kids see & touch a bunch of dinosaur models and 10 cool fossils: 5 are actual teeth from these prehistoric creatures, and 5 are exact replicas of fossils of a dinosaur footprint, skin print, raptor egg, triceratops horn, and the biggest T-rex tooth ever found! Concludes with a dig for a toy dino egg for each child, complete with 1″ baby dino. Can be booked for 40-60 mins/group with a maximum of 25 children/group.
Dino Romp Lite – for the older 2’s and 3’s, all the Romp and Stomp, with less than half the information!
Can be booked for 15-30 minutes/group, with a maximum of 20 children in each group.
Ages 2 to 7 years 1 hour program $190
additional Romps, same day $130/hr

DR. THESAURUS & his DINO-MITES! – Dinosaur hunter Dr. Thesaurus needs new assistants for his latest Dinosaur Expedition. To be ready for any hunt, the kids are trained to be Dino-Mites with fun activities that teach them about all kinds of prehistoric beasts. It’s a ROAR-ing great time!
Ages 4 to 9 years 1 hour program $175
additional time $130/hr
Upgrade: add in “BUILD A T-REX” $55
This 3 foot high T-Rex “fossil” model comes in 7 different pieces which the kids help to put back together. A great group activity that is also fun for photos! (maximum 25 children for this activity)

Dinosaur & Fossil Hunt Program – See more than 100 incredible fossils from real dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures from eons before! Plus, all the participants sift for and keep their own 50 million year old Sharks’ Teeth Fossils! (For groups that have had this program before, there’s a free upgrade to a Mosasaurus Tooth Fossil for each child.) 60-75 minute program
1st Grade to Teens Up to 20 participants $335
Up to 40 participants +30
additional program, same day $195-225
Special Larger Group Option: up to 56 participants, who must be divided into 7 groups.
You need to supply 3 adults to supervise different stations, plus 2 banquet tables $395

Ice Age in Los Angeles Program – Explore fossils of the giant and unusual Mammals of the Ice Age!
See bones, claws & teeth from Woolly Mammoths, Saber-Tooth Cats, and diverse creatures that walked the earth thousands of years ago, many in the L.A. area! We also have actual tools made by early Cave Men. The kids get to sift for their own Sharks Teeth Fossils, 12-40 million years old! 50-60 minutes
1st Grade to Teens Up to 20 participants $335
Up to 40 participants +30
additional program, same day $195-225

Dance Programs, Polynesian & Pirate Themes

Country Western & Square Dancing Instruction – Country Western Dancing & Square Dancing encourage kids to work together with others. Our fun and lively “Edu-tainer” brings music, teaches easy dance moves and then leads the children through some fun dances. Swing your partner, do-si-do!
Book for 45-60 minutes per group of up to 40 kids; Preschool groups run 30 minutes for up to 30 kids
Preschool to 6th Grade 60 minute program $360
addtl 30 minutes $125

Multicultural Folk Dance – Celebrate a diversity of cultures with Ethnic Dance! Four different shows: scenes of folk life and dance from Romania, Near East and Greece; the contributions of Irish, Italian, and German immigrants to our culture and dance; a rich and colorful Mexican mosaic; or the origins of American folk dance from New England, Cajun Louisiana and Texas.
K to 6th Grade, Teens 45 min show, with 4 Dancers $515
Preschool 20-30 min show, with 4 Dancers $515

Polynesian Programs

Polynesian-Themed Characters – Choose a character like a Hula Girl, Beachcomber, or Wacky Wahini
to do Polynesian games and activities, which can also include tropical balloon animals or face painting.
Preschool to 6th Grade 1 hour program OR two 25 min programs $175

Hula Girl Variety Program – With music & hula dancing, she teaches some fun things about Hawaii.
Kids can play poi balls & small rhythym instruments, and everyone learns a hula! 20-25 kids/group
Preschool to 6th Grade, Teens 1 hour program OR two 25 min programs $210

2-Person Polynesian Show – With 3 fabulous options to choose from, get an authentic Polynesian show: Maori Haka Warriors teach and demonstrate Maori Haka; Tahitian Dancers demonstrate the Ori, Aparima, Kapa, and Ote’a; or Polynesian Dancers with dances from Hawaii, Tahiti, and New Zealand!
Preschool to 6th Grade, Teens 30-45 minute Show (2 dancers) $450

Pirate Programs

Pirate Characters – A Pirate Captain or First Mate can do pirate-themed games and activities, which can also include balloon swords and/or face painting with usual choices, plus goatees & moustaches.
Preschool to 6th Grade 1 hour program OR two 25 min programs $175

Treasure Hunt – A salty Pirate wench ‘buries’ trunks of treasure around your site. Kids work in teams to find clues, & collect pirate booty along the way. Authentic music & high seas comedy ARRRR included! Can accommodate up to 50 children per hour, in 3 to 4 teams of an adult and kids of mixed ages.
Preschool to 6th Grade 45-60 minute program $460
2nd hour. . . . . . . . . . .$350 addtl hr $265

“Ahoy Matey” Puppet Show – Petey the Parrot must find his uncle’s lost treasure before the mean Captain Funny-Face. Will Petey find adventures on his way to the treasure? Will the pirate captain fall victim to many slapstick obstacles? Will the kids cheer and boo and laugh? Yes, yes, and yes!
Preschool to 1st Grade 30 min Hand Puppet Show $230

Pirate Magic Show: p 5, Pirate Cartoons: p1, Pirate Sing-a-Long: p9, Dueling Sword Show: call us

Magic Shows, Circus Shows, and Workshops

Comedy Magic Show – Amazing and amusing for the children, the magic is so incredible, it baffles
the grownups too! We feature well-loved magicians, many of whom performed on Amtrak trains, entertaining their passengers daily from Los Angeles to Seattle. The 45 minute show has plenty of audience participation. Squeals of laughter encouraged!
Preschool to 6th Grade, Teens 45 min show OR two 20 min shows $215 & up
Show w/live rabbit, hamster or dove $215 & upLarger show for more than 40 children $265 & up
Add “You Can Do Magic” workshop (if available) +145

Costumed Magician – He’ll coordinate his show to your theme with these costumes: Steampunk,
Wizard, Pirate, Jester, Cowboy, Uncle Sam, Leprechaun, Moroccan, Safari, & Adventure Hero.
Preschool to 6th Grade, Teens 45 min show w/live rabbit and dove $250-300
2nd show, same location $125-150
Larger show for more than 40 children $255& up

“You Can Do Magic” Workshop – Students learn to perform Magic from a professional magician who’s an experienced teacher. The children learn how to perform many self-working and simple sleight of hand magic tricks with everyday items (materials included). Up to 30 kids/workshop.
1st to 6th Grade 1 hour workshop $335
Additional hour workshop, same day $150

Magical Traffic Safety Show – See description on page 8.

Circus Juggling Show – New! Many different Circus Shows available! Features impressive juggling, snappy jokes, physical comedy, and sometimes even unicycling! These talented performers also have a variety of other talents, like Rolla-Bolla, Ball Walking, playing an Musical Instrument, or Acrobatics that may be available. Our jugglers have professional circus experience, and typically do not wear clown make-up since they work closely with the children and invite several to participate on stage. These hilarious shows are great for audiences up to 100 kids.
Preschool to 6th Grade, Teens 30-40 min show $475-595

“Everyone Can Juggle or Balance” Workshop – Juggling & balancing taught by a talented juggler. Several options available: Traditional workshop runs 40 minutes for up to 30 children, or you may divide the time into two 25 minute workshops, for up to 60 kids. “3 Apparatus” workshop allows up to 60 kids to rotate between three stations (plate spinning, feather balancing & juggling) for a full hour workshop. Workshops require at least one adult helper to supervise the children.
*Book both a Circus Show + a Workshop for a discounted price! Call for quote.
K to 6th Grade, Teens 40 min workshop OR two 25 min programs $445
“3 Apparatus” workshop for 60 children, 1 hr $445
additional ½ hr workshop, same day $120 & up

ANIMALS – These prices for weekdays only!

Pony Rides: Gentle ponies hand-led around your property! Our smaller ponies hold children up to
60 lbs, or we can include a large pony or small horse for kids up to 100 lbs, but we can’t lift big kids.
Preschool to 6th Grade 2 Ponies for 1 hour $340-$460
2 Ponies for 2 hours $490-$645
4 Ponies for 2 hours call for quote
Add Small Petting Zoo call for quote

My Pretty Pony or Unicorn – The children get to brush and paint a sweet little pony or mini-horse! The ‘paint’ is washable hair color, safe for the pony, and he enjoys getting love & attention while the kids learn respect for this lovely creature and how to care for him. After he’s decorated, they can ride him or pose for pictures. Can wear a Unicorn horn. Gives rides for up to 55-65 lbs, larger horse for 100 lbs may be avail.
Preschool to 3rd Grade 1 hour (up to 20 kids w/rides, up to 40 kids without) $360
Additional hour +185Add a 2nd Pony (1 hour) +160

Miniature Petting Zoo: Miniature in size but not heart! 9-10 adorable animals includes mini horse or alpaca, mini goat, ducks, chickens, and bunnies.
Deluxe: 14-15 animals, includes alpaca, adds more minis plus an assistant.
Preschool to 6th Grade Miniature Zoo – 1 hour ($115/add hr) $395
Deluxe Mini Zoo – 2 hours ($150/add hr) $635

Deluxe Petting Zoos (These zoos have a wider selection of interesting creatures!)
Medium: 14-16 animals: combo of goats, sheep, ducks, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, alpaca & tortoise!
Exotic: same as Medium, plus goose or umbrella cockatoo, pony or mini donkey, and a camel or zebu!
Large: 20+ animals: chickens, pigmy goats, sheep, ducks, several breeds of rabbits, guinea pigs, maybe an alpaca, a tortoise, or a pot-bellied pig, plus a pony or a miniature horse to pet!
Preschool to 6th Grade Medium Zoo (12’x12′) – 2 hours $555
Exotic Zoo (adjustable) – 2 hours $1645Large Zoo (18’x22) – 2 hours $740
add 1 Pony for rides (kids up to 60 lbs) +220 & up
add 2 Ponies for rides (kids up to 60 lbs) +300 & up

Reptile Shows – Meet a variety of local and exotic reptiles, amphibians, and crawly critters, such as lizards, turtles, snakes, frogs and toads, tarantulas, scorpions, and some shows include tropical birds!
Preschool to 6th Grade, Teens 60 min program $340 & up

Exotic Animal Programs: Inspire your campers to explore, discover & learn about the natural world with live animal presentations. These fabulous wildlife programs are educational & entertaining.
Choose from many themes like Rainforest, Safari, Natives of So Cal, Around the World, Raptors and more!
Preschool to 6th Grade, Teens 45-60 min program call for quote

Puppies & Bunnies for Petting: Four to six adorable doggies (a combo of puppies and toy breeds) come to romp and play with your guests, plus six to eight precious bunnies who will hop their way into your hearts. Bunnies are mixed colors & breeds. Must be indoors, or in the shade.
All Ages Puppies & Bunnies Zoo – 1 hour ($115/add 30 min) $340

Animal Programs & Musical Programs

Animal Educational Show: The Care and Feeding of Horses – The entertainer/animal handler brings a gentle pony or mini horse to demonstrate how to care for horses. She teaches about proper feeding and exercise, and talks about grooming their hooves and coat. The kids learn about how to put on a bridle and saddle, and the kids can brush & groom the horse, and add ribbons to his mane & tail.

The Care and Feeding of Bunnies – After the demonstration, the entertainer/animal handler also brings out some bunnies that can be petted and handled by the kids. Can also include bunny-themed activities.
These programs are very hands-on and appropriate for kids of all ages!
Preschool to 6th Grade Horses – 60 min show $325
Preschool to 6th Grade Bunnies – 60 min show $255

Rock N’ Roll Mini-Concert – A fun concert featuring a favorite singer who’s performed at thousands of events big and small. These shows are geared for kids, with some songs they know and lots they’ll love! Shows for preschoolers include audience participation & some rhythm instruments. Can be 50’s, 60’s, or Beatles music. Preschools can add an assistant to interact with the kids and lead movement and dancing to the songs. For up to 40 kids, or add sound system for up to 150 people. Nights and weekends $350!
Preschool, K to 6th Grade 30-40 minutes (25-30 min for preschool) $195
Assembly Show $275
add High-Energy Assistant for Preschool $150

Musical Sing-Along Show – Mark is an internationally published children’s singer-songwriter who’s had many television appearances and won several awards. Children recognize his music from the Jump-start computer programs and Adibou Science & Music programs. For audiences of 75 to 400.
Preschool to 5th Grade 30-45 minute show $475 & up

D. J. for Children – A mobile DJ, complete with professional sound system, wireless microphone, and a collection of thousands of tunes, including plenty of the latest Top-40 music. The DJ plays dances from the Hokey Pokey to the Electric Slide, and can lead games & contests like Limbo, Freeze Dance, Musical Scavenger Hunt, Hula Hoops and more!
(Prizes not included, some available for additional cost.)
Book as a 1½ hour program, or two programs of 1 hour each.
K to 6th Grade, Teens up to 2 hours $335
Stage Shows for Audiences BIG or SMALL …

“Street Magic” Magical Traffic Safety Show – The children learn tricks to make them safe pedestrians in this informative and entertaining magic safety program, presented by one of our favorite magicians who is a safety advocate for the LA Dept of Transp. Lots of music, magic and audience participation makes this program as much fun as it is educational. The show includes the “spectacular watermelon drop!”
For audiences of 20-200 children.
Add a fun Team Building activity where the kids design helmets to protect an egg ‘head’- call for quote.
K – 5th Grade, 3rd – 8th Grade 45 min show (30-35 min for Kindergarten) $395

Popular Assembly Shows with Big Discounts for June 15 – August 15

The Character Show – The incomparably funny and talented Obediah uses humor, music, and storytelling to educate and inspire kids about the seven pillars of character.
Preschool, K to 6th Grade 45 min show reg $845, summer $615

Bye, Bye Bully – With song, role playing, and audience interaction, Obediah informs kids in a light and engaging way how they can handle a bully, whether they are the bullied or the bystander.
Preschool, K to 6th Grade 45 min show reg $845, summer $615

That Crazy Bottles and Cans Show – This upbeat musical show stars singer-songwriter Mark Beckwith, whose hit kid-songs the children recognize from the interactive-educational “Jump Start” computer program at school!
Preschool, K to 6th Grade 45 min show reg $845, summer $695

Kids for Kindness – A musical role playing show about why and how to be kind.
45 min show reg $845, summer $695

This is How We Roll – A musical show about bicycle and walking safety. Indoors with giant video.
45 min show reg $1070, summer $810

The following shows feature both of the zany performers, Obediah and Mark Beckwith:

200 Years of American Music or History of Rock ‘N Roll – Incorporating lots of humor, they sing & play their way through time. Kids of all ages learn about music while they have a rollicking good time!

All That Trash – this musical assembly addresses reasons WHY we should reduce, reuse and recycle.

H2O, Where Did You Go? – Using humor and music, these funny performers will teach kids about the water cycle, the states of matter, how water gets to our homes and why we need to conserve water.
Preschool, K to 6th Grade 45 min show reg $1070, summer $810 More Stage Shows for Audiences BIG or SMALL

Multicultural Musical Programs – This Australian born and world traveling singer transports children across the U.S.A. and around the globe with his musical programs. An enthusiastic performer, Dave sings and plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, recorder, and harmonica. Children can sing along and join in the fun with rhythm exercises and hand motions. These engaging, educational and entertaining programs are enjoyed by kids of all ages, and adults love him too.
K to 8th Grade 50 minute show $395

Musical Instrument Showcase – Introduces the instruments above with songs from across the U.S.
and around the world.

Down Under with Aussie Dave – Takes you on a musical trip to the Australian Outback.

Banjo Man – Americana, Patriotic, Dixieland and Mardi Gras music all played on the Banjo.

Cowboy Dave – Songs of the Old West on guitar and harmonica.

Pirate Songs of the Sea & Shore – Irish, Celtic and Pirate Songs take you for a wild romp through
the British Isles and across the sea.

From Blues to the British Invasion & Beyond! – a history of Rock ‘N Roll music. (Suitable for teens).

Storytelling with a Twist – Our award winning “Edu-tainer” presents theatrical performances rich with comedy and audience participation, based on children’s classics. With bright colored props and scenery, great music, and a couple of your kids in costume, you’ll want your camera! For up to 250 children.
Preschool, K to 6th Grade 45 minute show (or 2 shows of 20 min) $385

We Rhyme All the Time – Features 2 favorite books from Seuss to Sendak, with tons of classics to choose from. The rhyme is delightful, the show is great fun, so come get a seat and you’ll see how it’s done!

Read! Rap! Romp! with Mother Goose – Mother Goose presents “Horton Hatches the Egg” and other stories with interactive games, songs, & rhymes. Designed for ages 2-6, and special needs kids.

Cinderella Stories from Around the World – In Russia the Fairy Godmother is a grumpy old man; an Irish Cinder”fella” wears big rubber boots; in Africa…the Prince has 5 heads! Pick 2-3 timeless tales!

Tricksters Tales & Hairy Scary Fairy Fables – This delightful performance is full of twists and turns as kids in critter costumes join our storyteller on stage. It’s hilarious fun as the audience creates a hurricane and dances with a tribe of Sasquatch. But who will cuddle with the Banana Slug?

Tales from the First People – A fun blend of legend, fact, folklore from natives of the Pacific Coast. Kids make mischief with an Arctic Spirit, eat seal blubber, & wrestle with a giant California Grizzly!

Cowboy Adventure – Sit in the backwoods around the campfire and listen to a tall tale. From ropin’ and riding, to log rollin’ and foot stompin’, kids and cowpokes have heap of fun!

Holiday Folklore of Many Lands – A festival of folklore! Choose from many seasonal stories/customs.

Carnival Rides & Trains – special prices for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday!**
with Attendant for 3 hours (Rates not valid July 1-6, Oct 24-31)

Whip Around Ride 6-12 kids 2-9+yrs Needs 15’x15′, 20amp circuit $565+ del*
Sunlight Express Train 12-18 people all ages Trackless, needs 25′ to turn $565+ del*
Red Baron Ride 8 kids 2-9+ yrs Needs 20’x20′, 20amp circuit $565+ del*
14′ Ferris Wheel (5 baskets) 10 kids 2-9+yrs Needs 13’x17′, 20amp circuit $625+ del*
Jet Airplane Ride 8-16 kids 2-9+yrs Needs 20’x20′, 20amp circuit $605+ del*
Flying Elephant Ride 8-16 kids 2-9+yrs Needs 20’x20′, 20amp circuit $605+ del*
Merry-Go-Round 8 kids 1-7 yrs Needs 15′ circle, 20amp circuit $655+ del*
14′ Ferris Wheel (6 baskets) 12 kids 2-9+ yrs Needs 15’x20′, 20amp circuit $660+ del*
My Lil’ Choo-Choo Train 12 kids 1-6 yrs Track is 8’x20′ $675+ del*
My Lil’ Race Cars 8 kids 1-6 yrs Needs 25′ circle, 20amp circuit $675+ del*
Farm Fun House hundreds/hr 2-10 yrs Needs 30’x15′, but no power $720+ del*
20-Seat Swing Ride 20 kids 2-9+ yrs Needs 25′ circle, 20amp circuit $720+ del*
Tubs of Fun Ride 16 people all ages Needs 25′ circle, 20amp circuit $765+ del*
26′ Rock Climbing Wall 3 climbers 50 lbs & up Needs 12’x 12′, but no power $765+ del*
Pirate Fun House hundreds/hr 2-12 yrs Needs 60’x15′, has power $1330+ del*
25′ Family Ferris Wheel 16 people 42″ ride alone Needs 15’x25′, has power $1675+ del*

Special Packages – special prices for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday!**
with Attendant(s) for 3 hours (Rates not valid July 1-6, Oct 24-31)

Mini Carnival Packages: Packages include a ride plus 4 tabletop Games in 2 vinyl Carnival Booths (10’x10′). You’ll need tables, staff, and some prizes or trinkets.
Red Baron or Whip Around Ride with 4 Games in 2 Booths $675+ del*
Sunlight Express Train with 4 Games in 2 Booths $675+ del*
Jet Airplane or Flying Elephant Ride with 4 Games in 2 Booths $715+ del*
Farm Fun House with 4 Games in 2 Booths $830+ del*

Transportation Package (planes, train, cars): Jet Airplane Ride with operator, My Lil’ Race Cars with operator, and a 16’x16’ Train bounce house without an attendant. Needs 3 circuits, 20 amps each.
ages 1-6 3 Hours reg $1445, special $1150 + del*

* Delivery on these rides/attractions is based on distance from the Pomona area, call for price.
** These discounted rates are only good within a 65 mile radius of Pomona.

Also Available

Also Available

Slides & tons of Inflatables, Carnival Booths & Games, Dunk Tanks, Flush Tanks, Bigger Rides
Holiday Entertainers, Popcorn & other Carts, Caricature Artists, Karaoke for Kids

Prices good through January 2020.