Terms of Agreement

Prices and entertainment on this site are subject to availability.
Because we cover a huge geographic area, not all types of entertainment are available in all areas.


Payment Terms*
50% DEPOSIT DUE in advance.
We accept cash, checks, and money orders at the event. Amounts over $5000 must be paid via cashier’s check on location or wire transfer in advance.

Smaller Private Parties (under $300): $75 deposit for 1 entertainer, $100 deposit for 2 entertainers

1 week after event, a 5% per month late charge will apply.
$20 returned check charge.

*We can make exceptions for schools or organizations with specific budget schedules.

General Terms
Rides & Interactives may need 15 minutes down time/3 hours for maintenance.
After 2 hours, performers need regular breaks. Musicians break every hour.
Client will arrange/pay for parking for all vehicles.
Client pays for any permits required for their location (permits can run from hundreds of dollars to well over a thousand). If the event is at a park or public location, Client must list all entertainment on permits required for this location, and must pay for entertainment contracted, even if location disallows the performance.
For fundraisers, we do our best to maximize profits, but we are not responsible for any profit or loss.
If volunteer attendants are required for an attraction, and at any time client does not provide them, either we will shut down the attraction, or client is responsible for paying for any attendant(s) that we provide instead. Rate is $195 for up to 5 hours.
Commercial photos or recordings require prior permission.

Trucks towing a trailer need 10′ driveable access with no sharp turns, and 14′ high clearance. If you have less room than that, call to see if truck and/or attraction will fit. Equipment can’t be delivered across sand without additional crew & fees. Trucks can’t drive on loose dirt or damp grass. Please turn off sprinklers for a minimum of 48 hrs before arrival & 5 hrs after the event ends. Set up area must be flat.

We need up to a 3 hour window for set up & take down of most equipment, and 5 hours or more for major rides, or else extra delivery people may have to be added to the order.

Animal Programs
The availability of individual animals is subject to change. We reserve the right to substitute another animal in the event that one is unwell. The well-being of both the animals and your guests is always our primary concern.

Rush Jobs
There is a $100 Rush Fee for any job booked after 12noon on the business day before, or for any contract not signed and returned by 3pm the business day before. Same day bookings are subject to a $150 Late Booking Fee. Any legal documents which you require Zebra Entertainment and Events to sign with less than 2 business days’ notice incur a $50 fee, and insurance certificate requests with less than 2 business days’ notice are subject to a $25 rush fee.

Cancellation Policy
Under normal circumstances, deposit is still due and non-refundable. We require the deposit so we have something to give to the performer(s) and/or ride operators for holding the time, and for giving up other work. However, if you cancel your event far enough in advance that we can find other work for those affected, we will refund your deposit. For events cancelled in writing more than 60 days in advance, deposit is refundable. For smaller private parties (under $300) cancelled in writing more than 2 weeks in advance, deposit is refundable.

If something comes up and you have to postpone the party, we’ll always work with you to change everything to the new date. As long as you contact us in writing at least 2 weeks in advance, and reschedule within 6 months (based on availability of rides and/or performers), your deposit will be applied to the new date. If you have less than 2 weeks’ notice, please contact us immediately and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Rain & Weather Policy
Although Southern California does not have many rainy days, it is always a possibility, especially November through April. Other than the few exceptions below, you need to have an alternate location in mind if the weather becomes a problem, or to alert us before booking so we can accommodate any planned “rain date.” Once we get to the day of your event, it’s too late to cancel or postpone, and the full amount is due.

Most of our Entertainment can go indoors, including our Exotic Animal Programs, and even our Petting Zoos (on a tarp). Carnival Games and Rides are able to operate in light rain or heavy rain, as long as there is no thunder or lightning. Ponies can give rides in a light rain, as long as the surface they are walking on is not slippery. Petting Zoos can go on a patio, in a garage, or under a pop-up tent. (Remember: although animals are used to the cold and rain, your guests might be more comfortable with coats or umbrellas.)

For Animals, extreme heat (over 100 degrees) can occasionally be a problem, particularly in July, August, September, and even October. Our animals cannot be outdoors in extreme heat, and need shade in warmer seasons, just like your guests.

Rain Exceptions: some of our smaller Kiddie Rides and our Pony Rides and Petting Zoos can be postponed up until 12noon of the business day before your event without penalty, as long as you contact us at least a couple days in advance to determine if this applies to what you are booking.

Important: If you are concerned that potential weather problems may cause you to change locations or post-pone your event, please call our office several days or weeks in advance and we will work with you to find all possible options. Many times we can substitute similar entertainment that would be more appropriate under the circumstances.

***For any weather concerns, you must speak with Zebra Entertainment and Events office personnel at least 3 business days before your event so we can make a plan together. Once a plan is in place, we can often allow you to wait until 12 noon on the business day before to make a final decision.

Refund Policy
Although our performers and delivery crews are professional and very reliable, with hundreds of shows a year, we occasionally have a problem. If a performer is more than 15 minutes late, or is not what you have ordered, you do have the right to refuse that entertainment and not pay for it. However, once you allow the entertainment, you have agreed to pay as contracted, minus a prorated amount for the shortened time. Or you may ask the entertainer to stay after to make up the missed time.

If a refund is due to a customer, we mail it as soon as possible, normally within 5 business days. All refunds are issued by check, regardless of whether the original deposit was paid by check or credit card.

Photos and Recordings
Hiring a performer from Zebra Entertainment and Events does not automatically grant anyone permission to use their likeness in any way. Please contact us in advance for permission to photograph or record any show or performance. (Private parties may take photographs for their own personal use.)

Any posting of photos/clips of any of our entertainment on any commercial web site needs prior written permission from Zebra Entertainment and Events.


Insurance Terms